Favorite Ixalan Card, Growing Rites of Itlimoc, Carnage Tyrant, or…

This set is sweet! People were worried that it was going to be cheesy with Dinos and pirates but I was pleasantly surprised. This could be Guy Fieri’s favorite magic set because it certainly will take you to Flavortown! Alright here comes my favorite Ixalan card!

Runner Up

So first, my favorite constructed card. This card can be used in tons of different ways and decks.

Search for Azcanta Ixalan Magic The Gathering
Search for Azcanta
Azcanta the sunken ruin magic the gathering ixalan
Azcanta, The Sunken Ruin

If you play this card early, turn 2, 3, or 4, then you’ll be able to really sort through your deck and take over the game. On the other end of things if you get this out late use it to sift lands into your graveyard instead of into your hand. Improving your plays compared to your opponent.

If you are running a combo win like Approach of the Second Sun, then flip this and pay 3 mana to get there much quicker.

My Favorite Ixalan card is…
Hostage Taker Ixalan Magic the Gathering
Hostage Taker

This card… Oh man. So you can exile any artifact or creature on the table and can cast that card anytime while Hostage Taker is still on the battlefield. So this is where it gets really fun.

Get hostage taker out exiling their Search for Azcanta or Growing Rites of Itlimoc. Cast it and it’s YOURS! If Hostage Taker gets killed it’s still yours. This card is so broken! You’re already in blue so bounce it and do it again! Steal cards over and over. I think a ramp hostage deck is a completely viable deck. Hostage Takers, Carnage Tyrant or two, some bounce and counters and ramp, and a Torrential Gearhulk. Let me know how it goes. ๐Ÿ˜€


Hour of my Favorite Card: Crested Sunmare, Mystic Myriarch, or Uncage the Menagerie?

Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh…

Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh

Okay, not really. It’s a sweet card and it won me a few drafts 2 weekends ago but not my favorite. Some other really sweet cards that don’t quite make it to my favorite are as follows…

Majestic Myriarch

Majestic Myriarch is just one of those cards that is screaming for a spot in some token deck. I’m thinking a thopter token deck so Myriarch comes in with flying. Bomat Courier and thopters… flying and haste… idk man. There is a lot of easy spots to slip this in. The reason it’s not my favorite is because if you’re behind in a game, this card is useless.

Crested Sunmare

Crested Sunmare! This is quite the horse, eh?

“Other horses you control have indestructible.” Well that’s pointless…

“At the beginning of each end step, if you gained life this turn, create a 5/5 white horse creature token.” Oh that makes more sense.

Now if you want to get really fancy…

Mirage Mirror

Throw Mirage Mirror out a turn or two before Crested Sunmare. Whenever you gain life or expect Crested Sunmare to be destroyed. Copy and give both pieces indestructible and get two 5/5 horses on the end step.

My Favorite Card in Hour of Devastation is…
Uncage the Menagerie

Uncage the Menagerie

This card is so neat! Here are a few combos you can do!

Ethersworn Canonist & Tarmagoyf
Devoted Druid & Vizier of Remedies
Archbound Ravager & Atog
Apocolypse Hydra & Hooded Hydra

Etched Champion & Chief of the Foundry & Metalworker
Diregraf Colossus & Ammit Eternal & Lord of the Accursed (Zombie Standard B/G)

There is literally millions of combinations for Uncage the Menagerie. Tune your EDH deck to use it and I’m sure you’ll be singing when you have an infinite amount of tokens, mana, or life. ๐Ÿ˜€

I want this card in my Atraxa deck to tutor for Devoted Druid and Vizier of Remedies for infinite mana so I can then cast Exsanguinate and lose all my friends. I’m convinced that’s why people play Atraxa, to lose friends.

Anyways what X card combos will you tutor for with Uncage the Menagerie?

I’m In Love With Amonkhet Nissa, I Might Play Green Now.

My Amonkhet Favorite

Seems like every set it is harder to choose a favorite card. Don’t get me wrong there are some really good cards in this set like Glorybringer and Samut.

For this set though I’m going to have to choose the newest Nissa.

Amonkhet Nissa
Nissa, Steward of Elements

It’s not unreasonable to think this Planeswalker could come down on turn 3, 7, or 10. Scry with any card and then use her zero loyalty option to cast things for free. There is so much value with casting things for free. It’s a fantastic way to really load up the board and change the game state to your favor.

Then when you’re ready, use that ultimate and fly over and do some heavy damage. Even Scry 2 has some major implications for early and late game play if that’s all you’re using her for.

The only downside with Amonkhet Nissa is when there is no creatures you control on the battlefield. She does not protect herself like many other Planeswalkers but I think the upside of X-cost and getting things on the battlefield will outweigh that mostly controllable drawback.

Honorable Mentions

I’ve been playing limited more with this set and I’ve got to say I’m a huge fan of the Trials and Cartouches. If you’re doing a draft and you see a trial think long and hard about if you can make that color work. I’ve won games with green and red trials. Bouncing them back to your hand for a repeat effect is always a great addition to a limited strategy. Try it out at your next draft and let me know how it goes!

Trial of Strength Amonkhet
Trial of Strength
Trial of Zeal Amonkhet
Trial of Zeal
Cartouche of Ambition Amonkhet
Cartouche of Ambition
I Like Amonkhet Nissa, What Card Do You Like?

Tell me which card or cards you love the most? Also what are your thoughts of the Gods? I think they are fairly underwhelming.

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Kickstarter’s That Matter: The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

The Secret Cabal

If you don’t know what the Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast is you’re really missing out. Go, here, seriously though, stop reading and go here. These guys are veterans when it comes to covering board games, gaming industry, RPGs, and nearly everything else related to tabletop gaming.

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

The producer and main host is Jamie Keagy and he nails board game explanations better than anyone…well except for Bebo. Go watch some of her videos if you have a few dollars to spend she will convince you to buy something! Anyways, back to the cabal. They are trying to raise $25,000 so Jamie can quit his day job. Normally not a good idea but in this case I support the move 110%.

The Kickstarter

They have already raised more than $80,000 so I think it’s safe to say they will hit their goal. The main reward for donating is direction to join their augmented reality game or ARG. No not an ARG like Pokemon Go, but a game where the members of the game change the direction of the story or have to find clues to further the story. Maybe a person died, like David Bowie. The Agent’s of the Cabal could figure out who did it! Of course they don’t know who actually did it but they can suspend belief for a moment and play the game.

Ok, why are you telling us?

Well, ok I’m telling you because I think this is a great cause, Jamie deserves this. Secondly, Agent of the Secret Cabal! Are you kidding me? That sounds like a blast. Check out their Kickstarter for more info!

I Dislike The D&D Adventurer’s League

Time to Rant

I dislike the D&D Adventurer’s League so much, I’ve never had good feelings about it. The first few times I attended was good, the players were relaxed and the Dungeon Master was loose with the rules.

Adventurer’s League is setup in a very linear way. Players always start at level 1 and keep track of their character(s). There are different campaigns usually ran by different people dependent on people’s character’s level.


1st tier: 1 -4
2nd tier: 5-10
3rd tier: 11-16
1st tier: 17-20

Last season I wanted to join but the only option available to me for the schedule I had available was a Tier 2 game. I was told I would be turned away because “it wouldn’t be fair to other players that I didn’t grind through level 1 – 5,” umm, what? I’m a seasoned player and would like to play something at any level.. I’m not against lower level characters but it didn’t fit my schedule. I asked the official twitter how I could remedy this and I was told to run games for others. So in the span of a few days I was told I can’t play but I should spend my own time and money to let others play. I already spend my time and money running a home group but I wanted to play something with new people.

Now, I don’t know how many other people are stuck with a rigid “can’t play unless you start at the beginning” situation and then don’t play but probably too many. I really feel like the many rules and regulations are one the AL prevents people from playing.


There needs to be a better setup for new players. I do think level 1 is great for learning the game but if there is a player who has been playing for a few years first level feels very slow. I think an online tracker or an app to track play and getting rid of tiered play completely. Let players join any group with 5 players or less. Finally, don’t tell people the only fix to their situation is starting their own group! Let me know what you think of the D&D Adventurer’s League down below.

My Favorite Card: Aether Revolt

Aether Revolt Card of the Set

Ok, I like to pick out my favorite card of each set. Aether Revolt was a little bit harder, there are so many good cards but nothing that stole my heart. The last set I chose Bomat Courier and I still stand by that choice. I built a deck that used it along side Bloodhall Priest to get some really strong madness interactions. With this set though I’ve got ideas for Improvise decks and I see good interactions but nothing screams at me.

I Think I Found What I’m Looking For
Lightning Runner Magic The Gathering Aether Revolt
Lightning Runner

This is the one card I think I could use to create something mean. Double Strike and Haste is always good but then the bonus text is so nice! 8 energy for a second combat and all creatures are untapped. Whew! What I would try and do is have like two 3/3 out or something and let my opponent attack into me. No blocks and then I drop this bad boy. Activate his ability when he attacks swing for 10, and then second combat swing for 10. Shake your opponents hand and thank them for attacking.

Let me know what card or cards you like best from this set. I appreciate you stopping by.


FLGS: Friendly Local Game Stores

I love checking out new game stores but I havent found a store that has everyrhing I want. Here are some things I want to see in a FLGS.

Clean restrooms

I want restrooms that have all the working pieces, is cleaned a couple times a day and stocked with supplies. In my hometown it seems this is the biggest over sight of the FLGSs. One restroom is an unfinished locker room and another is a half remodeled tiny restroom that doesn’t get cleaned enough (or ever).

Community Events Other Than M:TG

I love me some magic (Check out my last post about a deck a built.) but seriously there are more things that a good store can do. Miniature painting, trivia, BYOBG (bring your own board game), family game night, beer, casino card games, tournaments for games that don’t normally have tournaments, and many, many more.


I know this is a big endeavor for some stores but it’s so nice to get up and get some fries or a sandwich without packing up. I think a food selection beyond m&ms and Rockstars is much needed addition.

Hygiene conscious staff

Ok, most stores in the area don’t have a problem like this but occasionally I’ll run into a LGS worker that obviously didn’t shower before work. Not that everyone should shower before work but when it’s obvious your hygiene is lacking there is an issue. Another thing I like is seeing a uniform. For a FLGS I think matching t-shirts fits really well.

A Play Space

Self explanatory, I wanna play in a store and meet new people. Play spaces should be comfortable and clean.

So those are a few things I think every Friendly Local Game Store should have. What are some things that you think every store should have?

Kephssk, The Imperial Hunting Trandoshan

My Character From our Star Wars RPG

Kephssk, a trained hunter and warrior was searching for the right Wookie to take down and take home as a trophy. Outside of a Wookie camp on the planet of Kashyyyk, he and two other Trandoshan’s stalked their hunts. His reptilian friends had both got a Wookie pelt to take home and Kephssk was just about to take out the largest Wookie when his hunt was interrupted.

A fleet of imperials landed a few hundred feet between the Wookie and it’s camp. The Wookie rushed to the commotion and was quickly stunned and cuffed. Thirty Wookies altogether were captured then enslaved for an Imperial mining crew.

Kephssk returned to his home on Trandosha. He looked at his arm where he had a cut for each hunt he had completed. There was about a dozen scars running up his left arm, one for each Wookie pelt he had claimed. After some contemplation Kephssk cut off his arm.

It took several months for his arm to grow back. One of the benefits of being a Trandoshan is the regrowth of limbs. During this time of seclusion and introspection, Kephssk decided on a new hunt: Imperials.

Kephssk went to an Imperial University to start his hunt. He found Professor Slugmilk and G0B3, an Ithorian and an astromech droid, respectively. The professor and the droid were being held against their will by the Empire. They escaped with Kephssk and vowed to fight against the empire together.

Kephssk the Leader

After visiting a few rebel encampments and traveling across the galaxy Kephssk found himself with followers. Berl, Arf, Andy, some other human soldiers and several Devlikk warriors.
Star Wars RPG Devlikk

After many encounters and traveling to another timeline Kephssk and his team steal an unfinished Death Star. We return to our original timeline to find our unfinished Death Star face-to-face with a finished and operational Death Star. As we realize whats going on the planet behind us shatters into the stars.

Kephssk and his team work as fast as possible to get the super laser online and charged. There were dozens of engineers of various species that they freed from their slavish position and with some convincing helped with the laser. Kephssk aimed and pressed the button to fire the laser at the finished Death Star just before they recharged and fired on us.

With this final act against the empire Kephssk retired. Happily completing his hunt of Imperials, he went home to Trandosha. He stopped marking his arm and over time the scars faded. Kephssk lived happily until he died of old age.

Kephssk Star Wars RPG

Bomat Courier budget deck

Guys check this out, I loved playing thisย deck it is an absolute blast.

  • Bomat Courier
  • Incorrigible Youths
  • Bloodhall Priest

I stayed awake for hours the night after Thanksgiving thinking of how I could make madness and the Bomat work so well.

Bomat clearing your hand while the Bloodhall Priest resolves and comes into play = 2 extra damage and still get a new hand.