Background Music For Your RPGs.

Do you ever think “I wish I could make this scene more immersive?” Well, one easy trick is to add sound. Whether it be background music, ambient sounds, or a mix of the two it can help out immensely. I’ve got a few options for you to look into.

First is Tabletop Audio, this is a free web-based player with a bunch of 10-minute audio scenes. I’ll be using this player during my next session; Lost Mine, Cavern of Lost Souls, and Skirmish for an epic dungeon playlist. You can also support the project on Patreon

Second is Battle Bards this is the best of the best. This is the Vorpal sword of RPG audio. It’s also web-based and can do playlists but it can also play multiple tracks at a time and has cropping abilities. If you want to spend money and have all the options then this is the audio solution to choose.

Lastly there is My Noise, I’ve used this to create scenes for when the team were walking through forests and there were bugs about. Or when they are in a tavern with people talking and cups clinking. This is a really versatile option. You use sliders to add sound effects or ambience to a scene and it plays indefinitely.

I think for my next session I’ll be using Tabletop Audio with a little addition from My Noise to give it that added immersion. Try it out for yourself and let me know!

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