Favorite Ixalan Card, Growing Rites of Itlimoc, Carnage Tyrant, or…

This set is sweet! People were worried that it was going to be cheesy with Dinos and pirates but I was pleasantly surprised. This could be Guy Fieri’s favorite magic set because it certainly will take you to Flavortown! Alright here comes my favorite Ixalan card!

Runner Up

So first, my favorite constructed card. This card can be used in tons of different ways and decks.

Search for Azcanta Ixalan Magic The Gathering
Search for Azcanta
Azcanta the sunken ruin magic the gathering ixalan
Azcanta, The Sunken Ruin

If you play this card early, turn 2, 3, or 4, then you’ll be able to really sort through your deck and take over the game. On the other end of things if you get this out late use it to sift lands into your graveyard instead of into your hand. Improving your plays compared to your opponent.

If you are running a combo win like Approach of the Second Sun, then flip this and pay 3 mana to get there much quicker.

My Favorite Ixalan card is…
Hostage Taker Ixalan Magic the Gathering
Hostage Taker

This card… Oh man. So you can exile any artifact or creature on the table and can cast that card anytime while Hostage Taker is still on the battlefield. So this is where it gets really fun.

Get hostage taker out exiling their Search for Azcanta or Growing Rites of Itlimoc. Cast it and it’s YOURS! If Hostage Taker gets killed it’s still yours. This card is so broken! You’re already in blue so bounce it and do it again! Steal cards over and over. I think a ramp hostage deck is a completely viable deck. Hostage Takers, Carnage Tyrant or two, some bounce and counters and ramp, and a Torrential Gearhulk. Let me know how it goes. 😀


I’m In Love With Amonkhet Nissa, I Might Play Green Now.

My Amonkhet Favorite

Seems like every set it is harder to choose a favorite card. Don’t get me wrong there are some really good cards in this set like Glorybringer and Samut.

For this set though I’m going to have to choose the newest Nissa.

Amonkhet Nissa
Nissa, Steward of Elements

It’s not unreasonable to think this Planeswalker could come down on turn 3, 7, or 10. Scry with any card and then use her zero loyalty option to cast things for free. There is so much value with casting things for free. It’s a fantastic way to really load up the board and change the game state to your favor.

Then when you’re ready, use that ultimate and fly over and do some heavy damage. Even Scry 2 has some major implications for early and late game play if that’s all you’re using her for.

The only downside with Amonkhet Nissa is when there is no creatures you control on the battlefield. She does not protect herself like many other Planeswalkers but I think the upside of X-cost and getting things on the battlefield will outweigh that mostly controllable drawback.

Honorable Mentions

I’ve been playing limited more with this set and I’ve got to say I’m a huge fan of the Trials and Cartouches. If you’re doing a draft and you see a trial think long and hard about if you can make that color work. I’ve won games with green and red trials. Bouncing them back to your hand for a repeat effect is always a great addition to a limited strategy. Try it out at your next draft and let me know how it goes!

Trial of Strength Amonkhet
Trial of Strength
Trial of Zeal Amonkhet
Trial of Zeal
Cartouche of Ambition Amonkhet
Cartouche of Ambition
I Like Amonkhet Nissa, What Card Do You Like?

Tell me which card or cards you love the most? Also what are your thoughts of the Gods? I think they are fairly underwhelming.

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My Favorite Card From Kaladesh

So Kaladesh has been out for a month now and I think I finally have my favorite card narrowed down.

Bomat Courier
Bomat Courier

This thing is cool. I really think it could make the start to any match so much better.

Let’s look at some scenario’s

Turn 1: Mountain, Bomat courier, Attack, exile a card.
Turn 2: Smuggler’s Copter, if they put something down maybe hold the attack.
Turn 3: Thraben Inspector, crew the copter and attack with both, exile a card.

At this point, if they block and will kill your Bomat Courier it’s not worth paying the one mountain to get two cards from exile. Unless you’re looking for something particular and it’s not in your hand. Maybe you’re starved for land or maybe you need a different card for your win condition.

I get this out Smuggler’s Copter and Chief of the Foundry. More often than not. Turn three I crew the Copter with the chief and swing with a 2/2 and a 4/4 flier. It’s not a good way to make friends. At this point, your Bomat might trade with something bigger than it and it will exile it’s second or third card depending on the board state.

I was playing a game last night and my opponent had a Bomat Courier and it was mid-to-late game and I was blocking his bigger creatures with a 1/4 lifelink and letting his bomat hit me. He didn’t notice that at any time he could have replenished his hand with 5 cards for one red mana and saccing a 1/1… that’s powerful! That was when I fell in love.

If you build a red deck send me a link and I hope you add the Bomat Courier. Here is the deck I’m working on.