My Favorite Card: Aether Revolt

Aether Revolt Card of the Set

Ok, I like to pick out my favorite card of each set. Aether Revolt was a little bit harder, there are so many good cards but nothing that stole my heart. The last set I chose Bomat Courier and I still stand by that choice. I built a deck that used it along side Bloodhall Priest to get some really strong madness interactions. With this set though I’ve got ideas for Improvise decks and I see good interactions but nothing screams at me.

I Think I Found What I’m Looking For
Lightning Runner Magic The Gathering Aether Revolt
Lightning Runner

This is the one card I think I could use to create something mean. Double Strike and Haste is always good but then the bonus text is so nice! 8 energy for a second combat and all creatures are untapped. Whew! What I would try and do is have like two 3/3 out or something and let my opponent attack into me. No blocks and then I drop this bad boy. Activate his ability when he attacks swing for 10, and then second combat swing for 10. Shake your opponents hand and thank them for attacking.

Let me know what card or cards you like best from this set. I appreciate you stopping by.


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