FLGS: Friendly Local Game Stores

I love checking out new game stores but I havent found a store that has everyrhing I want. Here are some things I want to see in a FLGS.

Clean restrooms

I want restrooms that have all the working pieces, is cleaned a couple times a day and stocked with supplies. In my hometown it seems this is the biggest over sight of the FLGSs. One restroom is an unfinished locker room and another is a half remodeled tiny restroom that doesn’t get cleaned enough (or ever).

Community Events Other Than M:TG

I love me some magic (Check out my last post about a deck a built.) but seriously there are more things that a good store can do. Miniature painting, trivia, BYOBG (bring your own board game), family game night, beer, casino card games, tournaments for games that don’t normally have tournaments, and many, many more.


I know this is a big endeavor for some stores but it’s so nice to get up and get some fries or a sandwich without packing up. I think a food selection beyond m&ms and Rockstars is much needed addition.

Hygiene conscious staff

Ok, most stores in the area don’t have a problem like this but occasionally I’ll run into a LGS worker that obviously didn’t shower before work. Not that everyone should shower before work but when it’s obvious your hygiene is lacking there is an issue. Another thing I like is seeing a uniform. For a FLGS I think matching t-shirts fits really well.

A Play Space

Self explanatory, I wanna play in a store and meet new people. Play spaces should be comfortable and clean.

So those are a few things I think every Friendly Local Game Store should have. What are some things that you think every store should have?

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