Gateway Games

Not everyone you’ll meet is going to want to game as hard as you. So what games do you introduce them to so you don’t scare them away, and they keep coming back? Here we’ll look at some gateway games.
First figure out what they have played before and what they enjoyed.
If this soon to be nerd likes Monopoly because trading resources and building things invite them to play Catan. The rules are simple, the game play is quick, and the strategy isn’t so deep that a new gamer gets turned off. Also most people have already seen this game somewhere.
If your new gamer has only played chess and likes “thinky” games show them Tsuro or Ticket to Ride. Tsuro is a tile placement game where you try to keep your dragon piece on the board while simultaneously try to force your opponents into compromised positions. Ticket to Ride is a train placement game trying to connect routes efficiently while blocking your opponent. Both of these games you’re trying to further your strategy while hindering their progress.
Lastly for those card players; 21, Poker, and Rummy introduce them to Dead Man’s Draw. This card game is incredibly easy to play. You push your luck trying to get the highest score while the different suits (10 of them) cause different abilities to trigger, like forcing a discard or stealing a card from an opponent.
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