Magic Noob? That’s OK!

If you’re new to magic and you want to try it out here are a few steps you can take.

Magic Duels

First check out Magic Duels. Here it is on Steam for PC. This game is Free to play gives all the feeling of playing tabletop Magic, albeit slower. You even win booster packs by winning certain story mode games.

Duel Decks

Next get a duel deck and fight against your buddy. I recommend one of these two duel deck packs.
Zendikar vs Eldrazi or Kiora vs Elspeth

Zendikar vs Eldrazi is literally large monsters (the Eldrazi) against the land and it’s people (Zendikar). These two decks play really well off each other and show a variety of the different mechanics Magic has to offer. Eldrazi has creatures like Oblivion Sower which attempts to steal your opponents lands and use them to fuel it’s mayhem.
The Zendikar deck has cards like Avenger of Zendikar and Scute Mob. Avenger is a great late game card to overwhelm your enemy or jut put out enough blockers out to make their large creatures useless. Scute Mob is a neat card which has good flexibility in the early or late game.

Kiora vs Elspeth is fun because you get introduced to planeswalkers. Super magic users doing neat things. There is Elspeth, Sun’s Champion and Kiora, The Crashing Wave. Elspeth commands soldiers that buff each other with neat life saving tactics and Kiora summons gigantic Krakens. Pick your pleasure, it’s going to get wild.


Once you think you’ve mastered your duel deck throw yourself head first into drafting the current set. $10 – $15 usually at your local game store gets you 3- 5 packs worth of cards. You draft the card one at a time keeping what you pulled from the pack a secret. Then you use the cards to create a deck on the spot and go head-to-head against the other players. It’s often said that this is one of the best ways to get better at Magic: The Gathering.

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