My Favorite Card From Kaladesh

So Kaladesh has been out for a month now and I think I finally have my favorite card narrowed down.

Bomat Courier
Bomat Courier

This thing is cool. I really think it could make the start to any match so much better.

Let’s look at some scenario’s

Turn 1: Mountain, Bomat courier, Attack, exile a card.
Turn 2: Smuggler’s Copter, if they put something down maybe hold the attack.
Turn 3: Thraben Inspector, crew the copter and attack with both, exile a card.

At this point, if they block and will kill your Bomat Courier it’s not worth paying the one mountain to get two cards from exile. Unless you’re looking for something particular and it’s not in your hand. Maybe you’re starved for land or maybe you need a different card for your win condition.

I get this out Smuggler’s Copter and Chief of the Foundry. More often than not. Turn three I crew the Copter with the chief and swing with a 2/2 and a 4/4 flier. It’s not a good way to make friends. At this point, your Bomat might trade with something bigger than it and it will exile it’s second or third card depending on the board state.

I was playing a game last night and my opponent had a Bomat Courier and it was mid-to-late game and I was blocking his bigger creatures with a 1/4 lifelink and letting his bomat hit me. He didn’t notice that at any time he could have replenished his hand with 5 cards for one red mana and saccing a 1/1… that’s powerful! That was when I fell in love.

If you build a red deck send me a link and I hope you add the Bomat Courier. Here is the deck I’m working on.

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