Shogun, The Japanese Risk… Kinda

Recommendation time! Okay this is an “epic” I played it a few weeks ago and I’m really excited to play it again.


It’s spendy but it’s worth it. A game with one of the coolest mechanics to settle battles, a distinct read your opponents and guess their moves game. This game had everything I crave in a game. There is several turns each round while people satisfy the 8 actions they secretly choose at the beginning of the round.

Like risk you try and conquer your opponents areas for more points in a region, like Catan you build things for points, and unlike any other game you shake up a ton of wooden blocks and throw them down a dice tower. @,@ What? Yes, the blocks represent the troops you have in your region the opponent adds the blocks they are attacking with, then throw them all in together and some will get stuck. The ones that come out are the survivors. The survivors cancel each other out until one team is wiped out. The winner takes the territory. The stuck blocks live to “fight” another day in the system. So if another person comes to attack you, you may have a bunch more defenders in the tower that will roll out at the end.

This game just had everything. Suspense, strategy, some randomness, great theme, and last but not least it was a ton of fun!

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