Kickstarters and The Problem of Serial Crowdfunders.

Kickstarter is great for small companies or individuals to launch their product without huge financial risk.

What grinds my gears is when an established company crowdfunds a project when they have the resources to do it in house. I feel it takes away from the culture of people breaking out and creates noise in the kickstarter system when there is already enough of that. I follow a lot of tabletop gaming projects and I’ve seen this company do so many kickstarters that I’m not sure they know any other way to launch a product.

CoolMiniOrNot, Inc has done 24 projects each one was wildly successful and their current is poised to be their top funded project yet. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’d love to get my hands on 3–4 of their games including the one currently being funded. What I don’t like is that while they are producing tons of games and many are top 1,000 sellers on Amazon in the Games > Board Games category they still need to be kick started.

Zombicide (May 2012), Arcadia Quest (March 2014), Xenoshyft Onslaught (June 2014), and Blood Rage (March 2016) all were successfully funded with hundreds of thousands more than the goal. To me this means that they don’t need to be on Kickstarter but need to be taking pre-orders, on their site, and let crowdfunding be for the little guys.

I don’t think what CoolMiniOrNot is doing is bad but I don’t think it’s the most healthy the gaming community. I believe leaving the door open for more diverse projects to be seen without the giant shadow of an established giant is good for the consumer. I’d like to see more teams of 2–5 posting games where they really have no choice but to crowdfund for their game.

I do have a hunch that the first few games launched on kickstarter needed it. They needed funding because they were created by someone else but produced by CMON. From what I can tell the last several projects were not created by someone else but created by CMON.

I’ll be honest though I don’t know all of their financials or how their setup is. I just have a feeling a company that is working with millions of dollars on the regular should be able to leave Kickstarter to those that need kick starting. Just hire a dev to create a preorder page.

Shogun, The Japanese Risk… Kinda

Recommendation time! Okay this is an “epic” I played it a few weeks ago and I’m really excited to play it again.


It’s spendy but it’s worth it. A game with one of the coolest mechanics to settle battles, a distinct read your opponents and guess their moves game. This game had everything I crave in a game. There is several turns each round while people satisfy the 8 actions they secretly choose at the beginning of the round.

Like risk you try and conquer your opponents areas for more points in a region, like Catan you build things for points, and unlike any other game you shake up a ton of wooden blocks and throw them down a dice tower. @,@ What? Yes, the blocks represent the troops you have in your region the opponent adds the blocks they are attacking with, then throw them all in together and some will get stuck. The ones that come out are the survivors. The survivors cancel each other out until one team is wiped out. The winner takes the territory. The stuck blocks live to “fight” another day in the system. So if another person comes to attack you, you may have a bunch more defenders in the tower that will roll out at the end.

This game just had everything. Suspense, strategy, some randomness, great theme, and last but not least it was a ton of fun!

My Unrecommandations

Ok, there has been a few games that I just didn’t enjoy and here they are.


This game is all about arguing and lying and convincing others you’re not in the role you are in. The half dozen times I played it I was so uninterested in the social aspect that I become a pawn to someone else’s plan. This game definitely has an audience but not with me.

Space Cadets: Dice Duels
This game… Oh man. This game, is a simple game of rolling dice until your brain throbs. You have a ship captain that is controlling everything while the others are doing shields and guns. trying to roll matches or combinations for certain things. I love rolling dice, like RPGs, but this is too much. It’s like having a drink versus finishing a whole bottle of wine yourself.


Quelf isn’t horrible but it needs some house-ruling to make it bearable. Each new card gives you new rule and you obey the rule for the whole game. I think the cards should fall off after a round or when you get a new one. Sometimes there are so many rules the game gets stagnate. Rolling a 5 and then moving 5 spaces forward but saying/doing the wrong things and moving back 4 spaces. It has potential but beware it’s hard game to stomach.

Honorable Mention: Concept

Is there any games you’ve played and you didn’t enjoy?

Gateway Games

Not everyone you’ll meet is going to want to game as hard as you. So what games do you introduce them to so you don’t scare them away, and they keep coming back? Here we’ll look at some gateway games.
First figure out what they have played before and what they enjoyed.
If this soon to be nerd likes Monopoly because trading resources and building things invite them to play Catan. The rules are simple, the game play is quick, and the strategy isn’t so deep that a new gamer gets turned off. Also most people have already seen this game somewhere.
If your new gamer has only played chess and likes “thinky” games show them Tsuro or Ticket to Ride. Tsuro is a tile placement game where you try to keep your dragon piece on the board while simultaneously try to force your opponents into compromised positions. Ticket to Ride is a train placement game trying to connect routes efficiently while blocking your opponent. Both of these games you’re trying to further your strategy while hindering their progress.
Lastly for those card players; 21, Poker, and Rummy introduce them to Dead Man’s Draw. This card game is incredibly easy to play. You push your luck trying to get the highest score while the different suits (10 of them) cause different abilities to trigger, like forcing a discard or stealing a card from an opponent.
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