I Dislike The D&D Adventurer’s League

Time to Rant

I dislike the D&D Adventurer’s League so much, I’ve never had good feelings about it. The first few times I attended was good, the players were relaxed and the Dungeon Master was loose with the rules.

Adventurer’s League is setup in a very linear way. Players always start at level 1 and keep track of their character(s). There are different campaigns usually ran by different people dependent on people’s character’s level.


1st tier: 1 -4
2nd tier: 5-10
3rd tier: 11-16
1st tier: 17-20

Last season I wanted to join but the only option available to me for the schedule I had available was a Tier 2 game. I was told I would be turned away because “it wouldn’t be fair to other players that I didn’t grind through level 1 – 5,” umm, what? I’m a seasoned player and would like to play something at any level.. I’m not against lower level characters but it didn’t fit my schedule. I asked the official twitter how I could remedy this and I was told to run games for others. So in the span of a few days I was told I can’t play but I should spend my own time and money to let others play. I already spend my time and money running a home group but I wanted to play something with new people.

Now, I don’t know how many other people are stuck with a rigid “can’t play unless you start at the beginning” situation and then don’t play but probably too many. I really feel like the many rules and regulations are one the AL prevents people from playing.


There needs to be a better setup for new players. I do think level 1 is great for learning the game but if there is a player who has been playing for a few years first level feels very slow. I think an online tracker or an app to track play and getting rid of tiered play completely. Let players join any group with 5 players or less. Finally, don’t tell people the only fix to their situation is starting their own group! Let me know what you think of the D&D Adventurer’s League down below.

Kephssk, The Imperial Hunting Trandoshan

My Character From our Star Wars RPG

Kephssk, a trained hunter and warrior was searching for the right Wookie to take down and take home as a trophy. Outside of a Wookie camp on the planet of Kashyyyk, he and two other Trandoshan’s stalked their hunts. His reptilian friends had both got a Wookie pelt to take home and Kephssk was just about to take out the largest Wookie when his hunt was interrupted.

A fleet of imperials landed a few hundred feet between the Wookie and it’s camp. The Wookie rushed to the commotion and was quickly stunned and cuffed. Thirty Wookies altogether were captured then enslaved for an Imperial mining crew.

Kephssk returned to his home on Trandosha. He looked at his arm where he had a cut for each hunt he had completed. There was about a dozen scars running up his left arm, one for each Wookie pelt he had claimed. After some contemplation Kephssk cut off his arm.

It took several months for his arm to grow back. One of the benefits of being a Trandoshan is the regrowth of limbs. During this time of seclusion and introspection, Kephssk decided on a new hunt: Imperials.

Kephssk went to an Imperial University to start his hunt. He found Professor Slugmilk and G0B3, an Ithorian and an astromech droid, respectively. The professor and the droid were being held against their will by the Empire. They escaped with Kephssk and vowed to fight against the empire together.

Kephssk the Leader

After visiting a few rebel encampments and traveling across the galaxy Kephssk found himself with followers. Berl, Arf, Andy, some other human soldiers and several Devlikk warriors.
Star Wars RPG Devlikk

After many encounters and traveling to another timeline Kephssk and his team steal an unfinished Death Star. We return to our original timeline to find our unfinished Death Star face-to-face with a finished and operational Death Star. As we realize whats going on the planet behind us shatters into the stars.

Kephssk and his team work as fast as possible to get the super laser online and charged. There were dozens of engineers of various species that they freed from their slavish position and with some convincing helped with the laser. Kephssk aimed and pressed the button to fire the laser at the finished Death Star just before they recharged and fired on us.

With this final act against the empire Kephssk retired. Happily completing his hunt of Imperials, he went home to Trandosha. He stopped marking his arm and over time the scars faded. Kephssk lived happily until he died of old age.

Kephssk Star Wars RPG

Writing For Myself

So I’ve been in the process for the last year of writing a full-fledged campaign for D&D. Complete with descriptions of towns and people and lore. Very recently I polished up one of the settlements called Cliffeld

Location: Cliffeld

A small town with not much to it when you approach from the main road but it has its quirks.

There is a fairly large inn with a bar on the bottom floor. The bar serves food and beer, it’s run by Trina, a human woman who doesn’t trust many but trusts the malnourished Dwarf, Skinny McDirbbles. Skinny actually lives under the bar. At one end of the bar, there is a secret door that can be pushed open. Walk down seven steps and there is Skinny’s home. There is a hammock, a few crates, and a dull gray tapestry hanging on one wall. Making friends with Skinny will let him feel comfortable enough to show you that he has a tunnel behind the tapestry into the warehouse next door.

Opposite the bar of the inn is a courtyard and a small library. The library is unusual books are collected from passing travelers some of them in exchange for food, shelter, or drink. The books are in several languages covering magic, travel, history, and more. Twelve rooms on the second floor of the inn for the weary traveler.

There is a warehouse that backs up to the cliffside and has wide doors leading to the center of town. It’s said that this was where loggers could drop their logs into the ocean to be picked up by transport ships. After Skinny shows someone the tunnel they learn that this warehouse is now a smuggler’s port.

Other buildings in the town is a general merchant selling goods for traveling and a few houses. Things the Merchant, Kernan, doesn’t run out of are rope, iron-tipped arrows, and beans. He lives inside his shop and it’s very hard to steal from.

There is a few homes where people stay. Common tools for woodworking can be found by asking people. There is a lumberjack which, for a fee, will guide someone through the forest or help them track some thing.

Background Music For Your RPGs.

Do you ever think “I wish I could make this scene more immersive?” Well, one easy trick is to add sound. Whether it be background music, ambient sounds, or a mix of the two it can help out immensely. I’ve got a few options for you to look into.

First is Tabletop Audio, this is a free web-based player with a bunch of 10-minute audio scenes. I’ll be using this player during my next session; Lost Mine, Cavern of Lost Souls, and Skirmish for an epic dungeon playlist. You can also support the project on Patreon

Second is Battle Bards this is the best of the best. This is the Vorpal sword of RPG audio. It’s also web-based and can do playlists but it can also play multiple tracks at a time and has cropping abilities. If you want to spend money and have all the options then this is the audio solution to choose.

Lastly there is My Noise, I’ve used this to create scenes for when the team were walking through forests and there were bugs about. Or when they are in a tavern with people talking and cups clinking. This is a really versatile option. You use sliders to add sound effects or ambience to a scene and it plays indefinitely.

I think for my next session I’ll be using Tabletop Audio with a little addition from My Noise to give it that added immersion. Try it out for yourself and let me know!

Monte Cook Games – Invisible Sun

Could have had a better title but this new RPG looks slick. Ok, maybe I’m just biased because I’ve been following MCG for a few years and all of their products look slick, but this is new! So it’s fresh slick… I’ll stop saying slick now.

An RPG, ok not unusual…
A new setting, ok that’s always fun…
Escaping reality, umm… what?

No it’s not suicide, it’s a concept of finding a new reality. I think. There really isn’t too much about Invisible Sun. Here is what the website currently says.

Do you dream of escape, but you don’t know from what, or to where? Looking for a chance to escape the insanity of the world, and immerse yourself into something rich, deep, and fantastical? Something that challenges the limits of your creativity and your intellect?

If so, then join us and escape the Shadow of the real world. Enter a new Actuality of surreal fantasy where mystical characters wielding fabulous powers discover the secrets of reality itself. Invisible Sun is a roleplaying game that extends play beyond the table to accommodate the busy schedule of your life. Play at home with your friends, play online, play one-on-one with the GM at the coffee shop. Become engrossed in compelling stories, with characters as complex and interesting as any in fiction.


Invisible Sun is deep. It’s smart. Just like you. Invisible Sun will change the way you play rpgs.

Here are some links you want to keep track of.

Path of Suns for the lead up to the Kickstarter.
Invisible Sun RPG for everything else.

Just two days until this kickstarter so make sure to check it out!