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So I’ve been in the process for the last year of writing a full-fledged campaign for D&D. Complete with descriptions of towns and people and lore. Very recently I polished up one of the settlements called Cliffeld

Location: Cliffeld

A small town with not much to it when you approach from the main road but it has its quirks.

There is a fairly large inn with a bar on the bottom floor. The bar serves food and beer, it’s run by Trina, a human woman who doesn’t trust many but trusts the malnourished Dwarf, Skinny McDirbbles. Skinny actually lives under the bar. At one end of the bar, there is a secret door that can be pushed open. Walk down seven steps and there is Skinny’s home. There is a hammock, a few crates, and a dull gray tapestry hanging on one wall. Making friends with Skinny will let him feel comfortable enough to show you that he has a tunnel behind the tapestry into the warehouse next door.

Opposite the bar of the inn is a courtyard and a small library. The library is unusual books are collected from passing travelers some of them in exchange for food, shelter, or drink. The books are in several languages covering magic, travel, history, and more. Twelve rooms on the second floor of the inn for the weary traveler.

There is a warehouse that backs up to the cliffside and has wide doors leading to the center of town. It’s said that this was where loggers could drop their logs into the ocean to be picked up by transport ships. After Skinny shows someone the tunnel they learn that this warehouse is now a smuggler’s port.

Other buildings in the town is a general merchant selling goods for traveling and a few houses. Things the Merchant, Kernan, doesn’t run out of are rope, iron-tipped arrows, and beans. He lives inside his shop and it’s very hard to steal from.

There is a few homes where people stay. Common tools for woodworking can be found by asking people. There is a lumberjack which, for a fee, will guide someone through the forest or help them track some thing.

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